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If you’ve spent time over the past couple of years hiring skilled tradespeople, you already know the demand for talent is at an all-time high. It’s become a race for companies to find the best people before they’re snapped up elsewhere.

To get the right people through the door, employers now need to look at their full recruitment process from attraction through application, to making an offer.

In this blog, we look at the ways you can make your job application process more straightforward and appealing for candidates seeking construction jobs.

Communicate at Every Stage

There’s nothing worse than applying for a job and then sitting by the phone waiting to hear from the employer. After all, the candidate will have taken the time to review the job and put together the best application they can.

Keeping job seekers up-to-date throughout the application process not only makes them feel engaged but can also prevent your competitors from intervening. We’re not saying you need to be making daily calls, but simply informing applicants at each stage of the process – especially if there are any delays. A lack of communication could lead top Labourers, Plumbers or Electricians to assume they haven’t been successful and start looking elsewhere.

If you’re working with a specialist construction recruitment partner, you can liaise with them as you progress through the application process and they will manage candidate communication on your behalf. This is another way to help make the process as streamlined for you and the candidate as possible.

Match the Process to the Role

Are you planning to do a simple CV review and informal face-to-face interview? Or are you thinking about a more strenuous process that requires a personalised cover letter, multiple rounds of interviews and a technical test? If it’s the latter, you might want to think twice!

Job seekers now hold the cards and may not want to put themselves through a hefty application process only to miss out on the role at the final stage. While it might be appropriate for senior roles such as Project Managers or Site Supervisors to take a more detailed process, the same shouldn’t apply for short-term construction and trades roles.

Set Expectations

As we’ve already stated, communication is key. By letting job seekers know what the process will look like in the very early stages – perhaps even on the job ad – you might end up attracting additional applicants.

All you need to do is state what the application process will be, how long it should take and proposed dates for key stages such as interviews. By outlining this early on, job seekers know how to prepare for each step and it will also give them a better idea of when the job might start.

Don’t Take Too Long to Make an Offer

As a Hiring Manager, you have your own hoops to jump through – whether that’s raising requisition numbers or locking in labour budgets. But that doesn’t mean anything to the candidate who might be checking their phone every few minutes to see if they’ve got the job.

Try to set up as many approvals as possible before you even place the ad so that you’re ready to go when you’ve found your ideal team member. You can even make a verbal offer in person, with the caveat that you still need to go through the reference checking process.

That way, you minimise the chance of a competitor swooping in and also start building a positive relationship with your new employee from day one. As an added bonus, you’ll have your new team member onsite before you know it!


Hiring within the construction industry is challenging enough right now, but by making some small changes to your application process, you could see big results.

It really just comes down to being open and honest with your applicants – letting them know what to expect, communicating with them consistently and being ready to make a job offer at the earliest opportunity.

Our specialist Design and Construct recruitment team is here to help streamline your application process and enhance your candidate communications. Contact us today and we’ll help you to make your application processes more appealing and connect you with the best talent in the market.


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