John Mills

Director - Resources & Mining

John is a business-focused recruitment professional with 16 years’ experience in both the UK and Australia across several industries, from Manufacturing & Operations and Office & Business Support, to Mining & Resources (in which he has specialised for nine years).

Over the course of his career, John has managed and developed a variety of large workforces to help his clients achieve their operational goals and project targets, and he continuously strives to deliver the best outcomes by providing the right employees for the right positions. His successful track record of leadership roles includes Team Leader, Branch Manager, Regional Manager and General Manager, making him well-equipped for his current role as Director of Mining & Resources at Evolve Talent. 

On a more personal note, John is an avid sports fan, having played football (soccer) at a senior level when he lived in Scotland and England. He is also a bit of a thrill-seeker, and would like to one day go diving with great white sharks and travelling through remote communities in the Amazon.

John's Jobs

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